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5 Great Reasons to Have a Television in Your Caravan

Perhaps you see TVs in some caravans and you shake your head and think; ‘What a waste of money!’ Well, it would be a waste if there was a reason for having a TV in your caravan that doesn’t interest you. Like if you thought to watch the news was a waste of time, then you wouldn’t want to spend close to $500 for something not worth it to you (although you can get a set for so much less). 

However, what if there were up to 5 great reasons to have a television in your caravan? Pause for a moment, and think about these following reasons to hang a TV in your motorhome.


I’m not saying just babies when I talk about kids, your children well into their teen years fall into the category of kids that you will need the TV to control. Yes, you took them into the caravan to have the family bond on the trip, or spend some quality time together when you can show them some truths about life. B

ut you should know that it is equally important to keep them engaged, or you will hear it when they get bored – you should already know that teenagers are never shy to let you know when they’re bored, and they can become very uncooperative when they are.

The very little ones could also use something to glue them to their seats without seat belts (be sure to belt them when you’re driving anyways). Ever noticed how everywhere suddenly becomes so much quieter when the TV is on even though the kids are awake? It’s not a coincidence, it’s the TV doing a great job at keeping the kids occupied. 


There’s also the educational angle to look at. Thanks to educative programs, TV’s powerful touchstones open people to cultural experiences and expose them to cultural diversity at the same time. Through it, you and your kids (if you have them) can learn about important values and the reality of life.

To a very large extent, the television is the mirror of real life, and the younger audience take that quite literally. Not seeing people with the same colour, belief or gender as them endangers their levels of esteem, while seeing only people with the same perspectives as them all the time can make them less open to diversity.

Also, we can all learn practically from watching the television. For kids, it can light up their curiosities, enhance their imagination and creativity, while they learn to ask only the right questions. This makes them ready for life when the TV goes off.

For adults, we can pick up new skills like cooking or exercise routines by following culinary and fitness channels. You will be surprised by how much you stand to gain from the bits of information lying around the TV-space.

Keep an eye on the news?

There’s very little need to emphasize the need for information, regardless of where you are. Having a smart TV in your caravan or motorhome gives you access to news broadcasts from both local and global sources, so you can be notified of any changes that will affect you. That way, you can prepare ahead for any eventualities.

With satellites, you can get information about whatever happens every day from whatever location you are in. TVs provide you with both motion pictures and sound, so you can use it as a radio when you don’t feel like watching too. All that matters is that you get the news at the quickest times, which you can trust the TV to do.

Relationship glue

Spending a night with your beau or belle? Then, why don’t you get a TV so you can ‘Netflix and chill?’ You can enjoy a piece of peace by snuggling up with your partner with a romantic movie and have the magic of the video box help your connection deepen.

Similarly, TVs can be instrumental in helping a family to bond, especially when they can get entertainment programmes that the whole family can enjoy. Such shows give the family another topic they can discuss on and share memories about. On a more personal note, religious people can similarly deepen their relationships with their spiritual focus through teachings and spiritual exercises that are very common events on TV.


If you’re by yourself, then that’s all the more reason to have a television. All the other forms of media have a little or much to do with other people, and that can make loneliness easier to contact. On that note, people that are active on social media eventually find it easy to feel alone since they are with people so much. 

In fact, a study was recently carried out to show that people favouring high activity on social media are more prone to loneliness than others. This is a factor that has contributed to the ‘loneliness epidemic’ that has doubled the number of people suffering from loneliness in the United States over the last decade.

However, apart from all the gloomy stuff, TVs have become household (and caravan-hold) furniture all over the world, and for a lot of people. TVs can easily become something you can fill in the dead hours with – like when you’re cooking for dinner or just plain bored. There’s something for everybody too, and the only challenge is finding out the channel number for you to become a part of the viewing audience. 

There you have it – 5 great reasons to have a television in your caravan. And on these notes, getting a TV in your caravan should be a no-brainer.