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Best Lightweight TV Bracket for Caravan: 5 Top Choices

So you don’t have the latest caravan with a pre-installed TV? No need to despair, as you can still install a flat-screen TV in your caravan for uninterrupted enjoyment. Well, there’s no doubt that old caravans don’t have TV mounts, and fitting a sleek flat screen is challenging. But with a lightweight TV bracket for caravan, you can install your favourite flat-screen TV with ease.

Also, the brackets will reward you with the freedom to adjust the viewing angles, and that’s what you need. 

Now, there’s no need to settle down with a fat television that occupies most of the space and makes your caravan look cluttered. Check out these best lightweight TV brackets you can get for your caravan.

Best Lightweight TV Brackets for Caravan: Reviews 

1. Vision Plus Lightweight Triple Arm TV Wall Bracket

Made using high-quality material this wall bracket from Vision Plus ensures an excellent lifespan. The wall bracket is compatible with flat screen TVs up 24″, and you mount some of the best caravan smart televisions with it. 

Coming to the viewing angles, you can adjust the TV easily in any direction. No matter whether you are sitting on the sofa or resting on the bed, you can adjust the TV screen to your side.

The robust hinges remain stable and rotate in either direction. Also, you can tilt the TV up/ down for up to 10-degrees, and that makes it the best wall bracket. Additionally, the bracket is VESA compliant for both 75mm and 100mm mounts.

The adjustable arm extends up to 354mm away from the wall, so you get a closer view if required. Overall, there is an in-transit lock available with the bracket that holds the TV securely in place while travelling.

Installing the wall bracket is easy, and you can do it straight away by drilling holes in the caravan’s wall and screwing it securely on it. The best thing about the Vision Plus wall bracket is the availability of quick-release mounts, and you can remove the TV anytime when you need. 

The wall bracket requires no professional installation, and that makes it a viable option if you are not looking to splurge money on a wall bracket.


  • Extendable arm
  • Rotates in either direction
  • Ultimate stability
  • Ease of attaching the cable manager 
  • Triple arm for better viewing angles and adjustability


  • Compatible with flat screen TVs up to 24.”
  • Maximum supported TV weight is 7.5 KG only

2. Mounting Dream Lockable Caravan TV Bracket

So you have got a TV bigger than 24″? Have a look at this easy to install TV wall bracket that comes with a robust locking mechanism. Mounting Dream Lockable Caravan TV Bracket can handle flat screen TVs up to 26″, and 10 KG in weight, so you can use most of the TVs with it.

Also, the mounting plate is sleek, and the arm attached to the wall bracket is highly aesthetic. You can use this wall bracket for the caravan with 75mm and 100mm VESA compliant mount televisions. When it comes to adjustability, then you will get a decent experience with the bracket.

It supports tilt movements for 5-degree upward and 15-degree downwards to reduce the glare. Moreover, the swivelling arm rewards you with the freedom to turn the TV in either direction. You can even retract the arm 346mm outwards, and 68mm inwards based on your requirements and the size of caravan.

The manufacturer provides a clearly-stated installation manual so you can go it straight away without seeking professional help. However, there is no quick-release mount available, which means that you have to unscrew the bolts to remove the TV.

Mounting Dream offers a 10-year warranty* with the wall bracket, so your purchase is entirely risk-free for the particular time. In a nutshell, if you need an easy to install wall bracket that requires no maintenance, then this wall bracket should be your choice.

It can support flat-screen TVs up to 26″-inch and 10 KGs, so you get a wide variety of options to choose from! Lastly, the entire wall bracket is made using metal and comes with a powerful lock system that keeps the TV stable if you get on a ride in your caravan.


  • Easy to install
  • Flexible adjustments
  • Robust swivelling arm
  • Keeps the TV stable on dings and bumps
  • Value for money


  • A bit heavy
  • Requires a wooden board with 12.7mm minimum thickness
  • Upward tilt support could better

3. Vision Plus Quick Release TV Bracket 

Here is a simple-to-use, and reliable wall bracket from Vision Plus, which is perfect for you if you don’t need an adjustable bracket. Installing this two-piece wall bracket is as easy as a breeze, and you can mount your flat screen TV securely on it.

Made using high-quality plastic the bracket ensures excellent durability, and can easily withstand the weight of your TV. The quick-release clamp makes it possible to remove your TV straight away and mount it back whenever you need.

You can use this wall bracket with VESA compliant 75mm and 100mm mounts, which are generally available in most of the caravan televisions. Also, Vision Plus Quick Release TV Bracket is compatible with TVs up to 23”, and can bear 15KG weight.

It is ideal for all types of motorhomes and caravans due to the ease of installation. Moreover, the plastic plates are light in weight as compared to metal brackets, so you are not adding much weight to your caravan’s wall.

Lastly, you can get an additional adjustable arm (not included with the wall bracket) if you need an adjustable bracket for your TV. The TV bracket is just 15mm thin, and that will make your motorhome look even roomier.


  • Quick-release clamp
  • Sleek profile
  • Fits with all motorhomes and caravans
  • Compatible with adjustable arm
  • Ideal to use with TVs up to 15 KG
  • Affordable 


  • Not adjustable
  • Plastic body
  • Adjustable arm costs more

4. Part King Full Motion TV Wall Mount Bracket

This wall bracket for TV from Part King offers the ultimate freedom to adjust the TV’s direction with its swivelling arm. Also, you can retract the arm outwards for up to 408mm, and that makes the wall bracket a bang for the bucks. 

Most of the TV brackets keep on swinging due to movement, but this is not the case with this wall bracket. You get a lockable pin that keeps the arm stable, and the TV won’t swing even if you are driving in your caravan.

Also, the wall bracket is easy to install, and the manufacturer provides explicit installation instruction with the package. Coming to the compatibility, the wall bracket supports all flat screen TVs lying in the range of 13 – 27”.

You can swing the TV to the left or right direction up to 90-degrees. The tilt support is +/- 15 Degrees upwards and downwards, and there will be the least glare on the TV screen, as you can tilt it for the best viewing experience.

There is no quick-release clamp, and you have to unscrew the nuts for removing the TV. Additionally, the wall bracket supports flat screen TVs with VESA sizes: 75x 75 mm or 100 x 100 mm, and you cannot mount any other TV with it.

To sum up, Part King Full Motion TV Wall Mount Bracket is an excellent option for more spacious caravans and motorhomes due to its adjustability. Also, the lockable pin keeps the TV secure and protected, and it won’t swing while you are up on the roads.


  • Highly stable adjustable arm
  • Durable body
  • Excellent tilt support
  • Compatible with TV sets up to 27.”


  • No quick-release clamp available
  • Not ideal if you need a sleek wall bracket

5. RICOO Ceiling TV Bracket

With RICOO Ceiling TV Bracket you can mount the TV either on the wall or on the ceiling of the motorhome. Also, the versatile TV bracket offers tilt and swing support, and you can set the best viewing angles as per your requirements.

Made using high-quality metal the bracket can withstand up to 20 KG of weight. If you need a bigger flat screen TV, then RICOO Ceiling TV Bracket should be your choice. The TV bracket is compatible with most of the branded television sets with screen size 13-32”.

The manufacturer offers screws & dowels, so you don’t need to purchase anything separately to install the TV bracket. The robust hinge keeps the arm stable and secure in place so there will be least shaking when you are driving in your caravan.

The TV bracket doesn’t support tilting, but with the height-adjustable plate, you can get a good viewing angle. The VESA compatible TV bracket fits with all 5×75 100×100 television sets, and you cannot use it with any other TV.

The max distance from the wall to the bracket is 275mm, and you can adjust it by moving the plate upwards and downwards. Overall, this is a robust TV bracket made using metal.  Also, it is compatibility with most of the branded TV sets makes it an excellent choice.

Lastly, the compact plate doesn’t block the ports of the TV, and that’s an added benefit of using RICOO Ceiling TV Bracket in your caravan.


  • Highly durable 
  • Versatile
  • Keeps the TV secure by locking it in place
  • Higher weight load capacity
  • Made using aluminium and cold-rolled steel


  • No tilt support
  • A bit heavy 

Buyer Guide: What to look for in a TV bracket for a motorhome

Here are some factors you need to consider for buying a perfect lightweight TB bracket for the caravan.


The first and foremost thing to check is the compatibility. You need to check the VESA compliance of the TV bracket with your TV set. For your ease, we have mentioned the VESA compliance with every bracket reviewed here.

Supported Weight 

Check the supported weight of the TV bracket before purchasing it. All TV brackets support different weight, and therefore you need to make a choice accordingly. Also, go for TV sets and brackets that are lightweight as caravan walls aren’t as strong as concrete walls.

Lockable Mechanism

If you love driving in your caravan, then go for a TV bracket with lockable mechanism, as it will keep the TV secure in place with least trembling. Also, brackets with built-in locks are better to keep the TV safe.


An ideal TV bracket should be adjustable so that you can get the best viewing angle from all directions. Look for a swinging arm and tilt support before buying a lightweight TV bracket for the caravan.

Ease of Installation

All the caravan TV brackets reviewed in this article are easy to install and don’t require any professional help. So you can choose any of these to experience the ultimate ease of installation.

Tips for installing a wall-mounted television bracket in your caravan

Use nut and bolts 

The walls of caravans and motorhomes are made using wood and polymer, so using normal screws wouldn’t ensure complete safety. Use nuts and bolts to mount the bracket on the wall for improved stability.

Check VESA standards 

To install a TV bracket with the TV set easily you need to check its VESA standard. The general VESA standards for most of the brackets are 75mmX75mm, and 100mmX100mm, so you should check it for easy installation. 

Check supported screen size.

Every bracket supports TV sets of different sizes. As an example, some brackets support 13-26″ TV sets, while others can support up to 32″ TV sets. Have a look at the supported TV screen size before installing the bracket.

Use a wooden plank

If you think that the thickness of your caravan’s wall is less to offer ample support to the bracket, then you can use a small wooden plank. Place the plank between the wall and the bracket to screw it tightly with nuts and bolts. Also, it keeps the bracket secure in its place.


Final Thoughts on buying a lightweight TV bracket for caravan 

Having a robust TV bracket is indispensable to mount your TV in the caravan. Get any of these lightweight TV brackets to keep your TV secured, while enjoying watching it in your second home (motorhome).

Lastly, check out the factors in the buying guide to get an ideal TV bracket that fits sturdily in your caravan.