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5 of the Best Satellite Kits for Motorhomes

Watching TV in your motorhome while snuggling on the sofa is an unrivalled experience! Also, it’s an excellent way to keep the kids busy while you are firing up the grill to prepare some delicious cuisines. 

 But that terrible satellite kit dish can ruin this experience completely. Yes, you won’t be watching TV the entire time. Still, it is essential to have a good satellite kit for your motorhome that gets a strong signal, and you can enjoy watching your favourite TV programmes uninterruptedly.

In this article, we have reviewed 5 of the best satellite kits for motorhomes you can get in 2020. Moreover, there’s a complete buying guide that will assist you in purchasing the right satellite kit for your needs.

Top 5 Satellite Kits for Motorhomes

1. Satgear Beam60HD Zone 2 Portable Satellite Caravan Travel Kit

Satgear Beam60HD Zone 2 Portable Satellite Caravan Travel Kit inc 12v/240v HD Receiver, Tripod and...

This satellite kit from Satgear comprises everything you need to install the dish straight away. Also, it is a portable option, so you will love the easy-breezy assembling and disassembling process. Satgear offers a complete kit with a compact 60cm Zone 2 portable dish and the HD set-top box. 

The dish is light in weight so there won’t be any extra weight on your motorhome. Also, the dish has pegs and holes, so you don’t have to spend your whole day with the drill machine.

Satgear also offers a 10m high-quality coax cable in the kit, so there’s no need to buy it separately. Overall, the dish is sturdy, and the connectors offered it are waterproof. Moreover, you get amalgamation tape with this kit so installing the dish will be much more convenient.

The HD set-top box has preset UK Freesat channels so you can enjoy watching TV on the go after installing the kit. You will be able to watch TV even while travelling, and the dish works through the UK, including Ireland, Islands, and the Scottish Highlands. 

The manufacturer offers an instruction manual with clear instructions so that you can set it up without any professional help.


  • Works throughout the entire UK
  • Waterproof connectors 
  • Sturdy satellite tripod
  • Comes with an HD set-top box
  • Preset UK Freesat channels


  • The dish looks bigger on small motorhomes
  • Some users complained about the confusing setup process 

2. VUESAT BEAM Premium Flat 440 Portable Satellite Dish for Caravan Travel TV Kit

If you hate those huge and round satellite dishes, then have a look at VUESAT BEAM Premium Flat 440 Portable Satellite Dish. The dish included in this satellite kit is flat, and that makes it extremely portable. The satellite kit for the motorhome comprises most of the essential items so you can install it right away after unboxing the kit.

The diameter of the dish is 44cm, which makes it an excellent option for small and large motorhomes. Talking about the reception, then it’s just perfect. The TV will work fine even when you are travelling through remote areas.

With VUESAT BEAM Premium Flat 440 Portable Satellite Dish Kit, you will get a crystal clear picture, and that is imperative for watching TV while you are in your second home. VUESAT offers hundreds of TV channels free of cost, which is an added benefit.

Forget about the analogue switch, when you have this advanced satellite kit installed on your motorhome. Also, the pre-tuned receiver makes installation a quick task, and you don’t need any tools for it.

You can mount the tripod easily even if you have a small motorhome. The manufacturer offers a 10m coax cable inside the kit for connecting the LNB with the set-top box. In a nutshell, this satellite kit is perfect for all types of motorhomes.

If you are planning to travel to remote areas where the signal will be an issue, then getting VUESAT BEAM Premium Flat 440 Portable Satellite Kit will be the right choice. The satellite kit works throughout the UK, and you can use it in some other areas as well including Ireland.


  • Portable
  • High-quality satellite holdall 
  • Pre-tuned receiver
  • Sturdy aluminium tripod
  • Comes with dish alignment instructions
  • As powerful as 60cm dishes


  • No set-top box available
  • A bit pricey

3. SSL Satellites Portable Satellite Dish Kit 

SSL Satellites Portable Satellite Zone 2 80cm RV Dish Kit Camping Tailgating with Quad Tripod & Sat...

SSL is here with an affordable satellite kit so that you don’t have to break the bank for buying one. Also, it is a portable option, and you can snap it off the motorhome when not required. The 80cm dish offers excellent signal reception, and you will get clear picture quality even while driving.

Also, the tripod is sturdy, and it remains stable on dings and bumps while keeping the rest of the kit secure in place. This satellite kit for a motorhome is easy to install, all thanks to the pre-built brackets! You don’t have to tighten or bolt anything, which saves a lot of time.

A fantastic thing about the satellite dish is the design. The dish will not blow away with the wind, and you can rest assured that it will remain balanced on the top. With this satellite kit, you can also connect to a plethora of foreign satellites as well including Sky Plus, Hotbird, Sky HD etc.

In short, this is the best budget satellite kit you can get under 100 Pounds. Also, the quad LNB amplifies the low-frequency signal to deliver you with clear sound and picture. 


  • Highly stable tripod
  • Dish allows air to pass through it
  • Quad LNB for better output even with low signal
  • Highly affordable
  • Height adjustable tripod


  • Sometimes it produces a low-quality picture
  • The quality of tripod isn’t that great
SSL Satellites Portable Satellite Zone 2 80cm RV Dish Kit Camping Tailgating with Quad Tripod & Sat...
  • Premium quality dish set includes portable Camping Zone 2 80CM Dish, Quad LNB, Satellite folding aluminium Tripod, Cable and Satellite Finder for installing any Sky, Sky Plus, HD or any Freesat...

4. Maxview MXL023 VUQube 2

Maxview MXL023 VUQube 2 Fully Automatic Portable/Roof Mount Caravan Motorhome Satellite Dish with...

So you need a fully automatic satellite kit that offers exceptional picture quality? If that’s your preference, then Maxview MXL023 deserves more than just casual thoughts. The satellite dish is easy to mount, and you can install it on the roof of your motorhome quite easily.

The four pre-programmed satellites include Astra 3, Astra 2, and Astra 1, and it will automatically find the signals based on the area you are roaming. Maxview offers a high-quality coax cable with the satellite kit, and it will deliver a significant lifespan.

The best part about satellite kit is the anti-theft alarm, which moves into action as soon as the coax cable gets detached from the satellite. You will receive a wired control box in the kit, so controlling the dish will be convenient.

To sum up, Maxview MXL023 VUQube 2 is an extremely portable satellite dish for your motorhome. Also, it is convenient to use, and you don’t need any tools to install it.


  • Fully automatic
  • Four pre-programmed satellites
  • Anti-theft alarm
  • Works in the UK and some European countries
  • Compact
  • Twin LNB


  • Expensive
  • Sometimes satellite takes time to find signals
Maxview MXL023 VUQube 2 Fully Automatic Portable/Roof Mount Caravan Motorhome Satellite Dish with...
  • The VuQube 2 is a fully enclosed automatic satellite system designed to receive satellite TV and radio in the UK and Europe at the press of a button, using a wired control box

5. Maxview MXL012/55 Precision Single Satellite Kit

Maxview MXL012/55 Precision Single Satellite Kit, 55 cm

Get this satellite kit for your motorhome if you are looking for a quality product. The dish is 55cm in size, so it is ideal for most of the motorhomes out there. The manufacturer offers pre-assembled parts, and you can install the satellite kit in a couple of minutes.

Also, it comes with a 2-year warranty, and you can expect a rewarding experience with the kit. Coming to the features, the kit comes with an optional single or twin LNB. The magnetic LNB lock keeps the LNVB secure in place, and it won’t fall off the vehicle while you are driving.

Maxview provides everything you need to install the satellite, and that includes integrated Sat Finger, tripod, compass, ground pegs and much more. The instruction manual available with the kit has a clearly-stated installation process so that you won’t face any issues with that. 

Lastly, universal LNB makes it possible to connect to different satellites so that you can watch TV in other regions, even outside the UK.


  • Easy to install
  • Comes with a satellite holdall
  • 2-year guarantee
  • Magnetic LNB lock
  • Foldable tripod


  • Material quality is not up to the mark

Buyer’s Guide: What to look for in the best satellite kits for motorhomes?

Here is a list of factors you need to consider before buying a satellite kit for a motorhome. Checking on these factors will help you with an easy and rewarding purchase.

The Dish Size 

Bigger dishes, i.e. 60cm of big, have better signal reception as compared to 40cm dishes. So you should go with dishes of significant size. However, make sure that the dish suits the size of your motorhome, and doesn’t look too big mounted on it.

Ease of Installation

An ideal satellite kit should be easy to install, and fortunately, all the kits reviewed in this article comply with this statement.


Buying a satellite kit that supports multiple TV sets will be good, as you can set up two televisions. The feature is available in limited satellite kits, and you should check it if you have multiple TVs in your motorhome.

In-motion Viewing 

With an in-motion viewing satellite kit, your kids can watch TV while you are driving towards the camping destination. Most of the satellite kits support in-motion viewing so you can make a choice easily.


The last considerable factor is the price! Satellite kits for the motorhome are available on a myriad of prices so it would be great if you make your budget before you decide what satellite kit to buy.

Key points for consideration before buying

TV Compatibility 

Check whether your TV is compatible with the satellite kit so that you don’t face any issues with the installation. Generally, most of the satellite kits are compatible with modern TV sets, but if you own an old TV, then this should be on your checklist.

Automatic Satellite Tracking  

If you don’t want to run into the hassles of installing the dish with a compass, then go with automatic satellite tracking kits. These kits have a rotatable mechanism that adjusts its position automatically to track the satellite for better signal reception.


If your motorhome’s roof isn’t capable of holding enough weight then go with the best lightweight satellite kit. Generally, satellite kits are lightweight, but some of them are pretty heavy.


Some kits have foldable tripods, which make them portable. Also, these kits have a holdall available so you can carry and store the kit easily.


Wrap Up

Here are the best satellite kits for motorhomes reviewed and compared. You can get any of these to enjoy watching TV while enjoying with your family. Make sure to go through the buying guide if you are buying a satellite kit for the first time.

Our Recommendation: We recommend Satgear Beam60HD Zone 2 Portable Satellite Caravan Travel Kit, as it is a decent option and is worth the money.