About Us

Hey, our names are John & Erin, and we are the creators of Camper Visuals. Travelling the world in our camper has firmly remained a life-long obsession! Being able to enjoy creature comforts on the road is something we have a knack for and decided to turn that passion into this very blog.

Camper Visuals is your online go-to for reviews, articles and resources for camper, RV and motorhome travellers in the USA, UK and Europe.

Our personal experience of over 50 years combined has created reviews and information in our specialist areas: technology, audio visual and insurance.

Since 2006, we’ve helped out over 126,000 happy campers around the globe.

We write most information and reviews from our own experience and some from travel consultants, rv & camper industry experts and in some cases even manufacturers!

All our product review posts are very strictly researched – you’ll get quality information from us from start to finish.

We hope you enjoy our journey as much as we have!