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The Best WiFi Aerial for Caravan: 4 Top Picks and Guide

Campsites were already comfortable places to be, but we can all admit that great campsite Wi-Fi makes it that little bit better. Unfortunately, everybody knows that, and that has meant that the struggle for a piece of Wi-Fi connection has become somewhat of a lost cause. However, there is help available in the way of wifi aerials.

Instead of searching for Wi-Fi coverage, if you chose the best WiFi aerial for caravan or motorhomes, you can get a great boost in your efforts to improve your internet connection even in the comfort of your campsite.

Now, you can do away with the thought of using huge data packages, and enjoy uninterrupted connection to the Wi-Fi network even if you were unlucky to park in the ‘dead zone’, so far you have a Wi-Fi signal booster on your side.

What is a Wi-Fi signal booster?

Wi-Fi signal boosters are devices used to enhance the effective range of networks. Also, called Wi-Fi Signal Extenders, they ensure that the coverage space for a network extends to power every wireless device in that area.

This device works to amplify the weaker existing signals by pulling them in and spreading the signals to areas that blind spots originally existed.

Perfect for use while travelling in your motorhome, or even in a canal boat.

Wi-Fi signal boosters do away with some factors that can affect your Wi-Fi connection, like the density of trees or the number of people connected to the same Wi-Fi, and gives you a faster internet connection. 

Best WiFi Aerial for Caravan: Product reviews 

1. KUMA High Power USB Wi-Fi Antenna and Booster on Laptops/PCs

1.5 kilometres is a lot of freedom when it comes to range of operation of wireless networks, especially considering how little the booster is, which makes it a good partner for your motorhomes, caravans and even campsites.

There’s also the weatherproof design that helps deflect most forms of interferences and ensure a stable and secure connection with your router. The KUMA booster works primarily as a repeater on the 2.4GHz band, running at the speed standard of 802.11b/g/n – which might not bring a smile to everybody’s face.

Also, even though it is compatible with all the latest versions of windows, there’s another drawback since it cannot be a very mobile option, since it works through a USB cord connection, which is something that can be improved.


  • Steady Connection
  • Weatherproof feature is a big plus
  • The effective range of the booster is impressive
  • Compatibility with latest versions of Windows is easily ignored, but worthy of little praise


  • Single band is okay for a caravan, but can be a bit silkier
  • Limited mobility with the USB cord 

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2. KuWfi 150MBps Ralink RT3070 Max

This booster comes with an antenna that has a high-gain performing at just a bit more than half of the KUMA booster, with its 9DBi failing to impress against KUMA’s 16DBi. However, the KuWFi booster is also the cheapest booster solution in this list, and that is impressive since other boosters in its price range have antenna gains of 2-3Dbi. Moreover, it performs just as well as the KUMA booster when it comes to the distance it can cover (1.5 kilometres too), with a waterproof advantage that means it can be attached outside the caravan, campsite or motorhome for better network.

The KuWFi booster works on an interesting plug and play basis, as long as you install the driver using the CD provided alongside the booster. Additionally, it outshines the KUMA booster when it comes to compatibility, since it can be used in the latest Mac OS devices too. 


  • Plug and Play user mode is a nice touch
  • Very cheap
  • Compatible with many operating systems
  • Its effective range is good for its price


  • Reliance on USB cord for connection is ugly
  • Limited number of connected devices

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3. KUMA Wi-Fi kit Caravan Wireless Internet for Motorhomes and Canal boats

Unlike the previous two signal boosters that provide for a limited range of devices, the KUMA kit allows up to 5 people enjoy the same boost in network. Although, it shares one trait with both, its effective range is just around 1.5 Kilometres.

The KUMA kit is very easy to install, and doesn’t require any tough guide-revisions before it can be set-up. After the set-up, the KUMA kit is also compatible with 3G dongles, just as it is with any device that can receive network signals. Weighing 1.12 Kilograms at the cost north of £150, it certainly weighs more than the earlier options in both physical weight and financial weight. 


  • Average effective range for its price
  • Easy set-up
  • Allows multiple connections
  • Compatible with many devices


  • Very Expensive
  • Is heavier than many other boosters

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4. HooToo FileHub Wireless Travel Router

When it comes to Utility, no booster in this list even comes close. Even weighing just 381g, HooToo FileHub routers can carry charges up to 10400MAh, which can charge your phone or tablet with, in case there’s a little problem with power.

As if that isn’t enough, the HooToo router has a massive hard disk that can be used to backup important information. What’s more? This router also comes with the MTK7620 core that allows you to connect with multiple flash drives and hard disks.


  • Has a power bank
  • Has an in-built hard disk
  • Allows multiple connections
  • Cheap


  • Doesn’t exactly ‘boost’ network strength
  • TripMate cannot sync with files stored in iTunes due to digital rights infringements.

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Buyer guide & FAQs

What to look for in good Wi-Fi signal booster


You could be blindsided into using wireless N transmission, even edge-equivalent networks if you’re not too careful, so keep your eyes peeled for at least a piece of hardware that guarantees you 802.11ac speed. 

With a network that is almost 3 times faster than the sad wireless N, you can enjoy any type of media content online without buffering, lags or glitches. Interestingly, most people use this hack to upgrade their network speeds since you can use the 802.11ac speed through your signal booster, even when your router does not support it, without having to buy a new router. 

Dual Band

It won’t be explained to you on the packages of boosters out there, so, take note. Most devices use the 2.4Ghz band for their online operations. Thus, bands like 5Ghz band offers you a less crowded Streaming and online gaming experience if you can connect the other devices to the 2.4Ghz band. 

Of course, not all Wi-Fi signal boosters come with multiple bands, so one must be vigilant in choosing the right boosters that have the provisions for maximizing your bandwidth. 


Choose the signal boosters that will give you a way out when you run into any difficulties. Good signal boosters come with troubleshooting and remote monitoring packs that allow the broadband service providers proffer aid without you having to stress over it. Some other boosters have some smart features, like auto-adjustments to the most effective bands etc.

Mesh Compatibility

Wi-Fi Signal Boosters function better when they mesh with routers from the same manufacturing company or brand type. Not only is it simpler to set-up, but the performance is more stable in comparison. 

Effective Range

In most cases, getting a Wi-Fi signal booster is to improve the effective range of the wireless transmission. In such a case, Wi-Fi signal boosters can be indispensable assets in making sure that there is no network blind-spot.

If you have a big apartment, or the campsite network is clogged because you chose the wrong parking spot, a Wi-Fi signal booster with a good enough range will give you an increase in the probability of your network getting to your devices. Some boosters can offer you an extra 100 feet, and others can offer ten times that, just find the perfect fit for your situation. 

Key points for consideration before buying?

Ethernet Ports

Wireless connections are great, but there’s a reliability to physical connections that the wireless counterparts can never beat. Also, the importance of Wi-Fi signal boosters especially comes to life with devices – like game consoles and desktop computers – that are in those zones of the house that are not with the router’s range of coverage. 

On that note, it’s a worthwhile consideration to have a Wi-Fi signal booster with enough Ethernet ports to cover more than one stationary devices in need of better internet connection. Many Wi-Fi signal boosters sadly come with one or two ports, while others come with as many as five, and it’s always better to have a choice, especially for transmitting steady data to stationary devices that rely on that stability for better efficiency of operation.


Antennas serve many purposes in Wi-Fi signal boosters. The best Wi-Fi aerials for caravans and homes can improve performance by getting rid of any interferences that might throw the signals off balance. For some Wi-Fi signal boosters, there are only two antennas that do individual tasks of receiving signals from the routers and broadcasting the amplified signals to other devices in need of the boost. Other signal boosters come with three antennae where one does the job of reception and the remaining two antennas double the efficacy of rebroadcasting the signals.  

Wired backbone or Wi-Fi mesh

Wi-Fi signal boosters can either be programmed to be repeaters or extenders. The Wi-Fi repeater (or Mesh) are connected to routers via wireless transmission, and they copy the signals they receive to the devices connected to them. Of course, this means that they can only magnify the network they receive, which is limited by their distance from the router. Thus, in many cases, Wi-Fi repeaters can only rebroadcast half of the bandwidth they originally receive.

On the other hand, Wi-Fi extenders are connected to the local routers via a wired connection that ensures a high level of purity in the network received, which guarantees a higher quality of network shared from the signal booster. There are also some novel concepts like the Power line technology. The Power line technology exploits your electrical outlets to setup your router-device connections.

Add-on Style

You also should put in mind how the aerial will be attached to the caravan. Will it use suction? Or do you prefer one with a magnetic attachment feature so that there are no marks left on your caravan even when it is dislodged. There’s also the option to make it less mobile, and affix it through screws and fittings permanently. 

Thus, it all depends on what your situation demands. Suction is weak enough to be dislodged, and it can wear out, but it gives you flexibility, magnetic attachments are harder to dislodge and leave no marks, but need metallic supports while permanent fixes leave permanent damage and are not flexible, but stay in the place you want them to.

Water and Wi-Fi Booster

Water is the enemy of your seamless network, and it doesn’t have to directly splash on the device to weaken its effectiveness. Just by being a dense body of matter, water blocks and weakens the fidelity of wireless transmission. Of course, almost anything from a human being to a cup of water can hinder free-flowing network transmission. The simple solution are weather proof boosters.

Security of Wi-Fi Booster

It is not a popular case, but hacks and tampers are extremely scary and annoying situations. That is why the security of the Wi-Fi signal booster you wish to use is an important factor in getting the right signal booster. What you are looking for is not a ninja-class security, normal router security levels like WPA2, WPA and WEP will do nicely.

What if there is no Wi-Fi on site?

If it happens that Wi-Fi is not accessible, because you’re on the move, or your distance from urban areas, then the only other two options are 

Motorhome Satellite Internet

Instead of relying on little devices to give you the internet connection you need to survive the 21st, how about going it bigger with Satellite Internet. Using this means, you’re connected directed to the internet directly through space. Your satellite dish is in correspondence with satellites in space, and your modem will serve as the socket for your internet.

Mobile Broadband – 4G Hotspot

Another expensive option, even though it is cheaper than buying a satellite over a short term, is getting your personal subscription with a cellular service provider. This is predictably only effective if where you’re staying around has your cellular network coverage and will require you to use your phone as a hotspot, or get a MiFi device in its stead.

Installation tips

While Installing a Wi-Fi signal booster, it will behove you to take the following simple steps if you want the best from your signal booster:

  • Position the booster in that spot within the Wi-Fi coverage that you can still connect the power source.
  • The best location is at the middle of the place you want the network to reach and the router. This will minimize interference, and give you a better-quality boost in general.
  • The next step is to log in to your signal booster through your laptop using your login details and the password of your Wi-Fi router. Be sure to write that those details in a hidden place, and secure the connections with encryptions to prevent any funny business.


Even with my booster, the campsite network is not significantly different. Is there anything I can change?

Sometimes, the campsite Wi-Fi is just inconsequential bandwidth that you’d be better off without. That might just be the case.

Which Caravan Wi-Fi booster is the best?

When it comes to performance, the has the highest number of praises for delivering the goods

When it comes to alternatives in Europe, how much would Mobile internet cost me?

Mobile internet connections cost fairly in most European countries. That means that you would have to fork out close to £60 to get 100Gb, which will last for two months.

If I subscribe to a mobile broadband, how many devices can be connected at once?

Depends on the model you buy, but most allow up to 10 devices to receive data from the Mi-Fi at once.

Final thoughts on a WiFi Aerial for Caravans

It could be because you get a wider coverage for your network source/router to places that were initially ‘dark zones’, or you get a sincere boost in the speed and performance of your router, whatever the case, there is no doubting the fact that you will benefit greatly from getting a Wi-Fi signal booster in your caravan or motorhome.

What would be better, though, is the utility of the HooToo Router, or the style and stability of the KUMA boosters, each of which make up the elite numbers of the best Wi-Fi aerial for caravans, and is guaranteed to exponentially improve the excitement of your next campsite date, since you’ll be able to stream seamlessly and surf the net without worries and lags. Getting one is the easy choice.