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Best Motorhome Campsites in the UK: Your Ultimate Guide to Scenic Stays

The allure of the open road and the comfort of home converge beautifully in the practice of motorhome adventures across the UK. With a motorhome, I have the freedom to explore the diverse landscapes of the British Isles, from the rugged coastlines and wild moors to the serene lake districts and enchanting forests. Choosing the right campsites is key to enjoying these experiences to the fullest, as the best spots offer not just a place to park but an opportunity to revel in the most scenic locations, complete with essential amenities and a welcoming community.

A row of colorful motorhomes parked at a scenic campsite in the UK, surrounded by lush greenery and rolling hills

During my motorhome holidays, I’ve come to appreciate the multitude of options at hand, whether it’s the pursuit of tranquility in family-friendly campsites or the adventure found in more remote wild camping spots. Each site offers a unique charm and often provides convenient access to local attractions, making planning the itinerary as exciting as the journey itself. Engaging with the motorhome community further enriches the experience, allowing me to glean tips and share stories with fellow enthusiasts.

Key Takeaways

  • The choice of motorhome campsites can significantly enhance a UK staycation.
  • It’s essential to accommodate personal preferences and needs when selecting a campsite.
  • Engaging with the motorhome community offers valuable insights for memorable adventures.

Choosing the Right Motorhome Campsites in the UK

When I select a motorhome campsite in the UK, I focus on several specific factors to ensure the experience is exactly what I’m looking for. Whether it’s serene views or essential facilities, my choices boil down to a combination of personal preference and practicality.

Key Factors to Consider

Location: I consider the proximity to natural beauties or urban conveniences. Campsites that offer breathtaking views or easy access to hiking trails, like the ones listed on Practical Motorhome, are high on my list.

Type of pitches: My preferences are specific; some campers prefer a non-electric grass pitch for a more authentic camping experience, while others, including myself, opt for an electric grass pitch for added comfort.

Price: The cost is always a key factor. I approach it by comparing the prices of club sites and independent sites to find the best value, often using platforms like Park Foot Caravan & Camping to ensure I’m getting a competitive rate.

Reviews: I rely heavily on reviews from other motorhomers on sites such as The Gap Decaders to gauge the reputation of a campsite.

Campsite Facilities

Essential Services: A list of essential services should include readily available water, power hook-ups, waste disposal points, and security measures. I prioritize campsites that maintain high standards of hygiene and safety.

Additional Amenities: When possible, I look for sites offering extra amenities like laundry rooms, cafes, or even a children’s play area. Campsites such as Shear Barn Holidays and Touring, for example, cater to all ages with facilities like an indoor pool and a games room.

By considering these factors, I’m able to choose the right motorhome campsite that caters to both my needs and my desire for a wonderful getaway.

Top Destinations for Motorhome Campsites

In my exploration of the UK, I’ve discovered that each region offers a unique charm for motorhome enthusiasts. Below, I highlight some of the top destinations where the combination of amenities and natural beauty create an unforgettable experience.

Scenic Spots in Cornwall and Devon

Cornwall and Devon are treasured for their stunning coastal scenery and mild climate. In Cornwall, the Ludlow Touring Park stands out for its picturesque setting and top-notch facilities. Devon boasts the Ocean Pitch Campsite, where the sounds of the sea provide a tranquil backdrop.

Lake District’s Natural Beauty

The Lake District in Cumbria is famous for its breathtaking landscapes and serene lakes. Sites like the Park Foot Caravan & Camping offer an immersive experience into nature, allowing for plenty of outdoor activities amidst the rolling hills and clear waters.

Dorset’s Jurassic Coast

Dorset is home to the Back of Beyond Touring Park, which provides easy access to the iconic Jurassic Coast. This World Heritage site is a fossil hunter’s paradise, with its dramatic cliffs and prehistoric treasures.

Scottish Highlands and Road Trip Routes

Scotland’s untamed beauty is on full display in the Highlands, making it a top pick for a motorhome road trip. The Clachtoll Beach Campsite in Sutherland gives motorhomers a prime spot to take in the landscape and explore the rugged terrain.

Welsh Wonders: Snowdonia and Pembrokeshire

Wales offers diverse destinations from the mountainous Snowdonia to the coastal Pembrokeshire. Celtic Camping in Pembrokeshire provides a unique farm setting by the sea, while the North Wales region is synonymous with Snowdonia’s impressive peaks and lush valleys.

Family-Friendly Motorhome Campsites

In my search for campsites that cater to families, I prioritize those that offer comprehensive entertainment and facilities specifically aimed at children. From dedicated areas for adventure and play to opportunities for wildlife interaction, these motorhome campsites provide an ideal setting for a family holiday.

Campsite Entertainment and Facilities for Children

  • Adventure Playgrounds: Many campsites feature adventure playgrounds, offering a safe and engaging environment where children can climb, slide, and explore. For example, Callow Top Holiday Park provides an outdoor space designed to spark imagination and adventure in a natural setting.
  • Soft Play Areas: For younger children or less favorable weather, a soft play area is a brilliant amenity. Facilities like these ensure that even toddlers can have a fun and secure place to play. Places such as Wooda Farm Holiday Park, located in Cornwall, include these areas, elevating the family-friendly aspect.
  • Wildlife Interaction: Unique to some campsites is the chance to engage with local wildlife. For instance, at certain coastal locations, families might have the opportunity to see seals in their natural habitat, making for an unforgettable experience.

Wild Camping with Your Motorhome

When I explore the UK in my motorhome, wild camping offers a sense of freedom that formal campsites simply can’t match. The serenity of waking up to untouched natural beauty is something I always look forward to. In the UK, Scotland is more lenient towards wild camping for motorhomes, allowing me to find parking spots with breathtaking views.

For a successful wild camping experience, it’s crucial to familiarize oneself with the local laws. In England, I ensure that I have the landowner’s permission before settling down for the night. The sense of adventure in finding the perfect spot makes wild camping all the more exciting.

I always adhere to the ‘Leave No Trace’ principles by:

  • Parking discreetly
  • Staying only one night
  • Removing all litter

This helps to maintain the pristine condition of the natural areas. Moreover, utilizing apps like Park4Night allows me to locate ideal parking spots and plan my route accordingly.

Must-have Equipment Importance
Solar Panels For sustainable power supply
Water Supply Essential for basic needs
Waste Disposal Bags To keep the area clean

Remember, while wild camping, self-sufficiency is key. My motorhome is equipped with heavy-duty gear like solar panels for power and enough water storage to ensure my impact on the environment is minimal. Finally, always respect the local wildlife and flora, ensuring the next visitor enjoys the same untouched beauty.

Motorhome Campsites and Nearby Attractions

When exploring the UK by motorhome, I find that the experience is greatly enriched by the wealth of historical sites and natural landmarks that lie within easy reach. Below, I’ve detailed some top motorhome campsites that offer both cultural experiences and access to some of Britain’s most breathtaking walking trails.

Historical Sites and Cultural Experience

  • Ludlow Touring Park
    Situated in Shropshire, this park is an excellent base for visiting the historical town of Ludlow. With its medieval castle, Ludlow offers a deep dive into England’s past. Visitors can immerse themselves in cultural experiences, like the famous Ludlow Food Festival.
  • Bath Chew Valley Caravan Park
    Just a stone’s throw away from the city of Bath, known for its stunning Georgian architecture and Roman heritage, this caravan park is perfect for history buffs. I can visit the ancient Roman Baths or the modern Thermae Bath Spa for a touch of old and new.

Natural Landmarks and Walking Trails

  • Green Acres Caravan Park
    This campsite is ideally located for those looking to explore the natural beauty around Bournemouth. With access to the South West Coast Path, I can enjoy walking trails that provide panoramic sea views and lead to quaint coastal villages.
  • Tyddyn Isaf Camping & Caravan Park
    For those attracted to the scenic beauty of North Wales, this park offers direct access to the Isle of Anglesey Coastal Path. It’s a prime spot for me to set off on a walking journey to discover Ullswater and the surrounding fells.

By choosing these campsites, I can indulge in both the historic and scenic richness of the UK, ensuring a motorhome journey filled with memorable experiences.

Planning Your Motorhome Campsite Itinerary

Motorhome parked at scenic UK campsite with rolling hills, lush greenery, and clear blue sky. Nearby amenities and cozy campfire area

When I plan my motorhome campsite itinerary, I focus on crafting a journey that maximizes scenic value and convenience. I believe a well-thought-out plan is crucial for a memorable motorhome adventure in the UK.

Creating a Circular Route

I always start with a circular route to avoid retracing my steps, saving both time and fuel. My preferred regions often include the South West, known for its picturesque seaside towns, and the rugged natural beauty of the Peak District. I’ll consider the distances between stops and include a mix of both popular destinations such as Bath and less-traveled areas in Derbyshire for variety.

  • Start/End Point: A large-scale map guides me to select a start and end point that provides easy access to and from major roads.
  • Travelling Clockwise or Anti-Clockwise: I consider sun position and driving comfort, which leads me to decide whether to travel clockwise or anti-clockwise.
  • Key Stop: Lady’s Mile Holiday Park – A great family-friendly site with ample amenities that can serve as a midway rest point or an extended stay.

Highlighting Must-Visit Motorhome Stops

I carefully select must-visit motorhome stops to ensure each location enriches my journey. In the Peak District, the sheer beauty of its landscapes makes it a non-negotiable stop. For a seaside escape, I include stops along the subtropical South West coastline.

Here’s a quick list of my go-to stops:

  1. Yorkshire: Famous for its sprawling moors and historical sites.
  2. Oxfordshire: To immerse myself in the rich academic history.
  3. Motorhome Routes: I lean on tried-and-true motorhome routes that cater to the needs of fellow travellers, with ample space, a supportive community, and resources.

In planning my route, I make sure to pencil in these destinations, ensuring a balanced mix of nature, culture, and relaxation.

Motorhome Camping Tips and Essentials

A motorhome parked at a scenic campsite with a campfire, outdoor chairs, and a BBQ grill. Lush greenery and rolling hills in the background

In my experience, the enjoyment of motorhome camping hinges on effective preparation. Whether I’m aiming for a leisurely stay with modern amenities or planning to rough it in more remote areas, knowing what to bring and how to prepare makes all the difference.

Preparing for Different Camping Experiences

Campfires and Barbecues: Before setting out, I always check the campsite’s rules on open flames. If campfires are allowed, I bring eco-friendly fire starters and ensure I have a fire extinguisher on hand for safety. For sites permitting barbecues, I pack my portable grill and sustainable charcoal. It’s not just about the cooking—it’s the ambience of a warm fire that really makes for memorable evenings under the stars.

Blue Flag Beaches: When my destination is a blue flag beach, I prepare for a mix of relaxation and activity. These beaches are recognized for their cleanliness and water quality, so I bring along my swimsuit and eco-friendly sunscreen. I also make sure to pack a beach umbrella and some games to enjoy on the sand, respecting both the environment and local regulations.

Gym Access: Staying active is important to me even while I’m away from home. I look for campsites with gym facilities, and pack my workout clothes and shoes. Sometimes, a good workout can be a revitalizing way to start the day before exploring the local area.

Exploring Newquay: If I’m heading to a lively town like Newquay, I prepare for both the natural beauty and the tourist attractions. Hiking boots for the coastal paths, a surfboard for the waves, and my appetite for the local seafood are essential. I map out the attractions and check seasonal opening times to make the most of my visit.

By considering each aspect of my trip, I can pack effectively and create an itinerary that ensures a hassle-free and enjoyable motorhome camping experience.

Engaging with the Motorhome Community

A bustling motorhome campsite in the UK, with colorful vehicles parked in designated spots, families enjoying outdoor activities, and a sense of community spirit

As a seasoned motorhome enthusiast, I’ve found that staying informed and connected with fellow travelers is invaluable. Through various platforms, I ensure I’m up to date on the latest tips and destination ideas.

Following Motorhome Travel Blogs and Websites

I regularly follow travel blogs that provide useful content for the motorhome community. Subscribing to these sites enables me to receive curated content that enhances my own travel experiences. For example:

  • Brit Stops: A fantastic resource that I use to find unique stopover places across the UK, especially when I’m in search of local delights, such as that perfect biscuit to accompany my tea at a quaint farm shop.
  • Motorhome travel sites like The Gap Decaders often feature comprehensive reviews of campsites, which allowed me to discover gems like the tranquil surroundings of Hastings or the lively atmosphere of Dawlish.
  • Even though some sites may commission links, I always ensure the recommendations are genuine to make sure my road trips are as enjoyable as possible.

By engaging with these websites, I’m continuously learning, which enriches my journeys and allows me to share accurate, first-hand knowledge with others in the motorhome community.

Frequently Asked Questions

A serene campsite with motorhomes nestled in lush greenery, with clear signage indicating "Frequently Asked Questions: Best Motorhome Campsites in the UK"

In my extensive exploration of UK motorhome sites, I’ve encountered several common inquiries from enthusiasts looking for the best experience on the road. Ranging from top-rated touring sites to locating 5-star amenities, I’ve gathered the information you need to make informed choices for your travels.

What are the top-rated touring sites for motorhomes in the UK?

Park Foot Caravan & Camping is lauded as the best camping site in the UK, set in the Lake District with stunning views over Ullswater and excellent family-run service. Ludlow Touring Park is another top site, particularly commended for motorhomes, offering superior facilities and a great location in Shropshire.

Can you recommend some premium campsites suitable for luxury motorhomes?

Certainly, if luxury is your priority, sites like the multi-award-winning Bargoed Farm in Ceredigion cater to a more premium experience, including facilities like hot tubs and a focus on local Welsh produce.

Where are the best locations for coastal motorhome camping in the UK?

Coastal motorhome camping is magical in the UK, with stunning options like Bargoed Farm located between Aberaeron and New Quay in the heart of Cardigan Bay. This site is ideal for those desiring immediate access to the sea and breathtaking coastal views.

Are there specific campsites in the UK that accommodate large American RVs?

Some UK campsites specifically cater to large motorhomes, including American RVs, though it’s advisable to check the park’s pitch size and access roads in advance. Many sites provide this information on their websites or through direct inquiry.

Which campsites offer free parking options for campervans in the UK?

Free parking for campervans may be available at certain locations across the UK, typically outside the peak season and in more rural settings. It’s key to verify the terms and conditions for free parking as they can vary significantly between sites.

How can I find and book a 5-star motorhome site in the UK?

To locate and reserve a 5-star motorhome site, refer to trusted motorhome guides, such as Practical Motorhome’s Top 100 Sites Guide, which annually reviews and rates the finest UK sites based on various criteria. Additionally, booking directly through a campsite’s official website often yields the best options.