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5 of the Best Mobile Hotspots to get Your Caravan Connected

If you are looking at getting internet in your motorhome, caravan, or even canal boat, then a mobile hotspot is one of the best options, but there are things that you need to know before you buy to make sure you get one that will keep you connected.

Check out these best mobile hotspots for the motorhome to stay connected all the time! 

Best mobile hotspots for caravans

1. TP-Link M7450 4G+ MiFi

Best overall choice

If you are planning a trip with your friends and family, then you need a mobile hotspot like TP-Link M7450. The hotspot device allows you to connect up to 32 devices simultaneously so that you can connect your laptop, smartphone and gaming console on the go.

The hotspot is highly secure, and no one can connect to it without your permission. The colourful digital display shows you the exact status of the hotspot and you can check what wireless frequency mode you are using at the time.

It is a dual-band mobile hotspot that has 2.4 GHz mode, and 5.0 GHz mode. With its compatibility with 4G LTE-Advanced Cat6 network, the hotspot offers internet speed up to 300 MBPS on 2.4 GHz mode. You can quickly switch to 5.0 GHz to experience more speed, and streaming on Netflix and HBO will be more fun even if your kids are downloading games and other stuff.

TP-Link M7450 supports a mobile app, so the controls are always in your hands. You can restrict any connection while changing the password in seconds. After a complete charge, the mobile hotspot runs for around 15-hours, and that’s simply fantastic.

The signal strength is good, and you can even use the internet when you are outside the motorhome. Overall, TP-Link M7450 should be your choice if you need a high-speed internet for essential works. The device comes with a MicroSD slot, and you can use a microSD card up to 32GB to get some extra storage to keep music files, and pictures.


  • Long-lasting battery
  • Supports up to 32 devices simultaneously
  • Highly secure interface
  • Allows you to establish data limits
  • Colourful digital display


  • Doesn’t work outside the UK
  • Can be a little challenging to set up for some users

2. Huawei E5576-320

Best cheap Wi-Fi hotspot

So you are not looking to spend more than £50 on a mobile hotspot? Well, if this is the case, then Huawei E5576-320 could be the right choice. The compact mobile hotspot comes unlocked, and you can use it with any SIM card of any service provider based on your requirements. 

The handy device houses a powerful battery that lasts around 6-hours after a complete charge. If you live one-day trips, then this mobile hotspot will be the best option for you. You can connect up to 16 devices at a time, so there will be no device left without connectivity.

The reason why Huawei E5576-320 is best for families is because of the availability of parental controls. You can limit the data usage for your kids while restricting the websites you don’t want them to use.

After downloading the mobile app, you get complete access over the device. From blocking any user to resetting the password, you can do a lot of things just with a few clicks.

The maximum downloading speed the mobile hotspot supports is 150 MBPS* and that’s acceptable for a budget mobile hotspot. In a nutshell, Huawei E5576-320 is a low-cost travel hotspot device that keeps you connected to the world while you are travelling in your motorhome. 

The device is easy to use, and it comes unlocked, so you don’t have to count on limited service providers only. Just put the Sim card into the hotspot, turn it on, and you are good to go.


  • Affordable
  • Can be used across Africa, Europe, and Asia
  • Supports up to 16 devices
  • Availability of parental controls


  • No digital display
  • Battery life is not good

3. GlocalMe 4G Global Secure Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot

No SIM required – most flexible choice

Do you know why GlocalMe 4G is the best mobile Wi-Fi hotspot for international travel? With this mobile hotspot, you don’t have to worry about using a physical Sim. If you love exploring different destinations, then you should choose this mobile hotspot as it uses digital Sim so that you can connect to the best service provider in a particular area. 

The device looks like a smartphone with a bigger touchscreen display. You can quickly access your account to check the remaining data balance and other details, so there are no hassles of downloading the mobile app.

GlocalMe 4G is a highly flexible mobile hotspot, and it has got two physical Sim card slots as well.  The 5300 mAh battery offers up to 15-hours of working time, and you can even use the hotspot as a power bank to charge your phone. 

You get 1GB free data with the hotspot so you can start using 4G high-speed internet on the go. To sum up, GlocalMe 4G is perfect for travellers because the hotspot automatically connects to foreign networks to keep you connected.  

The battery life and signal strength are mind-blowing, and you can download the mobile app to access other essential features like parental controls, and data limit.


  • Ideal for travelling
  • Works as a power bank
  • e-Sim technology
  • Connects to best service providers automatically


  • Supports five devices only
  • Plans can be expensive depending on your location

4. HUAWEI AI Cube Smart Speaker with LTE Mobile Connection

Best option with Alexa built-in

With the HUAWEI AI Cube, there is no need to buy a separate speaker and mobile hotspot for your motorhome. This is a 2-in-1 device that serves you as a mobile hotspot while you can listen to songs as it is a 360-degree speaker as well.

The appealing looks will surely catch the eyes of your friends, and everyone will be curious to use this device. You can connect up to 64 devices at a time which is best for the users who love travelling in a group.

The mobile hotspot supports LTE Mobile Connection (CAT.6), so you can expect lightning-fast internet connection with it. The top downloading speed the mobile hotspot offers is around 300 MBPS* depending on your location.

HUAWEI AI Cube comes with Built-in Alexa support, and you can command the device to play/pause music while reading the latest news for you. There are some irresistible data plans available with the mobile hotspot, and that’s cherry on the cake.

Setting up the device won’t be an issue for you, and the intuitive mobile app is also easy to use. Overall, HUAWEI AI Cube is an impressive mobile hotspot that serves you as a 360-degree speaker.

You can use Alexa for a lot of tasks, and you can relax in your motorhome using speedy internet and listening to your favourite tracks.


  • Supports up to 64 devices
  • Ultimate security
  • The mobile app offers unlimited features
  • Available with excellent data plans


  • Pricey
  • No mode switching available

5. UROZETTA Wifi Hotspot

Amazing value choice

Here is a great value mobile hotspot from UROZETTA that comes unlocked so you can use it with any service provider of your choice. The device supports cloud Sim, and that makes it a viable option for frequent travellers.

With the mobile app, you can top-up quickly to renew your data pack in minutes. The mobile hotspot works with up to 10 wireless devices so you can connect multiple devices like your laptop, mobile, and wireless speaker.

It is a 4G LTE device, and you can experience a maximum downloading speed of 150 MBPS*. There will be lesser dropouts so you can use it for video calls and other essential work. The smartphone app offers some remarkable features like data limits, and data usage calculator, so you always know how much data you have exhausted.

UROZETTA Wifi Hotspot is a perfect mobile hotspot for travelling, and you get 50 GB UK data with the purchase. In a nutshell, this mobile hotspot is an affordable option that supports cloud Sim; you can use the device in around 200 countries without getting a physical Sim card.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Decent battery life
  • Highly secure
  • Connects with up to 10 devices at a time


  • Internet speed could be better
  • It’s so small that you can misplace it easily

Buyer Guide & FAQs

How do mobile Wi-Fi devices work?

The mobile hotspot device converts a 4G or 3G connection into a private wireless or Wi-Fi network so that you can connect to the internet any time. The devices are similar to the routers you are using at home, but these are compact and are ideal for taking on your motorhome or caravan.

What to look for in a mobile hotspot?

Here are some critical factors you should consider before buying a mobile hotspot to get internet for your motorhome.

Device Connectivity 

How many devices do you want to connect with the hotspot? If you have multiple devices or there are kids with you, then you should go for a mobile hotspot that supports 10 devices at least.

Connection Compatibility 

Do you want to use 4G LTE to access high-speed internet? Go with a hotspot that supports 4G networks. There are some good models in this list that support 4G and 3G networks as well. The choice is up to you and your requirements.

4G compatible mobile hotspots offer better speeds than 3G devices.

Battery Life 

No one wants a mobile hotspot that keeps on dying due to less battery life. You should go for devices that have a considerable battery life, so you stay connected without any interruptions.


Unlocked mobile hotspots allow you to use any Sim card of any service provider, so you have the freedom to choose the plan. But with locked hotspots, you can’t switch to any other service providers. You can only use a limited number of plans with a locked hotspot. 

Additional Features 

Look for some additional features including parental controls, cloud Sim, built-in Alexa support, and speaker. Based on these factors you can quickly decide on the best mobile hotspot to get internet for the motorhome.


Final thoughts on the best mobile hotspot for caravans

Before you head out in your motorhome, it is essential to get a reliable mobile hotspot. Check out the list of best mobile hotspot devices to access interruption-free access to the internet.

Furthermore, going through the buyer’s guide will assist you in making a rewarding purchase so you’ll be more than happy with your new mobile hotspot.

Lastly, check and compare the data plans if you are going for a locked hotspot. Also, check if the router works in other countries if you are planning a long trip.