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How to get Good TV Reception in a Caravan

Whether you are waiting for the weather to get clear, or you need to make the most out of a well-earned break, watching TV in a caravan is always a good idea! But you need to know how to get good TV reception in a caravan so you can really relax and enjoy it.

You might be wondering that it’s not a task to get good TV reception in a motorhome! But it requires efforts and can be an arduous process if you are a novice.

Here in this article, we have discussed the factors you need to check in order to get excellent TV reception in your caravan.

Type of antenna 

The quality of the TV reception entirely depends on the type of antenna you are using. You cannot go for an indoor antenna as it won’t work with the caravan. Your caravan needs a powerful outdoor antenna that can withstand the climatic conditions and is powerful enough to catch the signal while you are driving.

Use a signal finder 

The signal finger is an essential component that will assist you in installing the satellite kit the right way! It would be best if you targeted the LNB in the direction of the signal to get a clear and undistorted picture. Get a quality signal finder if you don’t want to compromise with the picture and audio quality.

Having a satellite kit with a signal finder will increase the chances of getting good TV reception, and that’s what you need.

Open spaces are much more likely to provide a better TV reception

Stop interference 

Is there anything mounted on your caravan that is blocking the antenna? If yes, then it’s the time to change the placement of the antenna or remove the interfering object. Good TV reception depends on how accurately the antenna can catch the signal.

Any object blocking the antenna will interrupt the signal, and you won’t get good reception anytime without fixing it.

Try different antenna placements

It’s quite rare to get good TV reception in the first place, so you have to test different positions by placing the antenna or the satellite on the caravan’s roof. A signal finder will help you in finding the best spot to place the antenna on the caravan.

You can also turn on the TV to check whether it is showing a good picture and audio by changing the spot of the antenna. Using a signal finder and turning on the TV, both things will help in getting good TV reception. 

Keep the antenna away from metal

Installing the antenna nearby to any metallic object will block the signals, and you will never get good TV reception. Try to place the antenna far away from the metallic things like the cargo carrier mounted on the caravan. 

Some studies have revealed that placing the antenna 6 feet away from the metal helps in better reception. 

Try using an amp

In many cases, signal amplifiers help in getting better signal so that you will get good TV reception in your caravan. Also, there are some antennas with the built-in amp to pull more signals in distant locations. Check whether the antenna system you are using has an amp.

If the amp is turned off toggle it on, however, there are multiple risks associated with using an amp like it amplifies more distortions and noise. You cannot keep the amp on if you are somewhere closer to the broadcast tower.

buying a 12-volt television for your motorhome

Check signal availability in the area

If you have some plans to travel in the remote areas in your caravan then make sure to check the availability of signals in the particular area. Some service providers in the UK offer good reception, even in remote areas.

All the time spent in the installation of the kit will be a waste if there’s no availability of signal in the area you are travelling to.

Are there any limitations and issues even if I follow the mentioned above tips ?

Yes, antennas are prone to a lot of limitations like lousy weather, and the lingering objects around them. So you cannot always be sure to get the ultimate TV reception in your caravan.

However, the cases are rare, and the antennas are reliable most of the time, so you will get a good reception in your caravan while watching TV.

However, there’s a chance that you have to change the placement of the antenna while travelling based on the location of the broadcast tower.

Final thoughts: how to get good TV reception in a caravan

With these easy tips, you can get good TV reception in a caravan. Make sure to choose the best equipment for your caravan so that you get a hassle-free experience while watching TV. If the old antenna isn’t pulling enough TV signal, then replace it before you go on a next trip in your caravan.